Who is an Owner’s Engineer?

Owner’s engineer is an expert or a team of experts, who represent the consumer putting up a solar system and will be your advocate on your project. They verify the designs, select right components, inspect and monitor the construction and maintenance activties. They are your extended team.

What do they do?

An Owner’s Engineer will help ensure that the project abides by the set business plan, design specifications, and objectives.

What do we offer?

As part of extended support services, Artha Energy Resources offers seasoned professionals who will happily consult and make your solar project a success. As owner's engineer, we operate as an extension of your organization, providing you the tools you need to develop and manage your next power generation project.

What is the Scope of our Work?

As part of the offering, a dynamic team of experts will be attached to your project and provide end-to-end services from feasibility assessment to commissioning and operations. These can be broadly categories as:

Design & Feasibility Assesssment

The assigned team will look at the assessment of the resources available at the site, the overview of the policy under which the project is being constructed, as well as conduct feasibility studies and yield simulations.


The next steps that the team will ensure are preparing the RFQ in line with the requirement, vendor and material due diligence, and negotiate on pricing and terms on your behalf


As part of our services under Owner’s Engineer, we would provide dedicated personnel for onsite supervision, and the team will look after the daily and weekly inspection reports, as well as test reports and plant audits