Our Story

Artha Energy Resources has its roots in the United States, when Anirudh A Damani started out as a Door-to-Door sales representative for Pioneer Energy Resources, which traded power in the Texas and North-Eastern markets. With hard work and perseverance, Anirudh worked his way up to becoming President with large ownership interest in the company. In 2011, Anirudh came back to India, bringing with him his years of experience to begin his journey with renewable energy in India. Launched in 2013, Artha Energy Resources was born with the intent to drive Green Energy investments in India.

Over the years, Artha Energy Resources has grown to become India’s leading renewable energy solutions provider and has a strong consulting arm. Our focus is on providing EPC services and financing options to the commercial and industrial segment for onsite solar plants and has been a long-standing partner to brands across sectors. We are present across 9 states and have facilitated energy transactions worth over 250MW. We have a significant portfolio spanning across Solar, Wind and Hydro sectors. Our large database encompassing both Power Producers and Power Consumers, which allows from data-driven decisions. We are also the only solution provider that has an intelligence on over 90% of Indian renewable assets.

We are part of the Artha Group of Companies, with a unique self-sustaining investment model, which invests in high-yielding renewable energy assets and use the realisation from such assets to invest in startups. The returns made from the startup exits are further used to invest in renewable energy assets, thereby creating a self-sustaining cycle. By 2022, Artha Group aims to generate profits of over ₹100 crores.



Launch of Artha Energy Resources as a renewable energy solutions provider


First project in renewable energy

Artha Energy Resources’ foray into the Indian renewable energy sector through purchase of its first wind turbine in Rajasthan


Crosses 200 MW Mark in renewable energy M&A

Artha Energy resources facilitates transactions of 200 MW across solar, wind and hydro power


First OPEX project commissioned

1st Project under the OPEX model commissioned


National Presence

Today, Artha Energy resources has a presence across 9 states in the country.

Our Leadership Team

Managing Partner

Animesh Damani


Anirudh A Damani


Nitish Mehta