Onsite Solar

Installing solar within one’s premises

Onsite solar systems are installed within the premises where power is being consumed. Vacant land, rooftop or carports and can directly offset the energy consumption. There is no requirement for any additional investment in the purchase of land for the installation of these systems. Since 2016, over 3.82 lakh sq.ft. of dead real estate has been utilized by roof-top solar plants generating savings of INR 15,000 crores. Since the power generated from Onsite solar power plants are consumed at the same location, there are virtually zero losses due to wheeling and transmission of electricity. With industrial power tariffs hovering between ₹6-8.5 per unit and Commercial tariffs more than ₹12 per unit across most states, Onsite Solar offers immense savings on electricity bills. The average pay-back for On-site solar systems are 3-4 years for Industrial tariffs and 2-3 years for commercial tariffs. Moreover, Onsite solar power plants are also the easiest to get approvals for, when compared to offsite solar or open access.

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Onsite Solar Installation Options

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Solar Rooftop

You can use the dead assets – that is the rooftop – to harness solar energy. Solar panels are mounted on the rooftops of any building in your premises. Learn More

Ground Mount

These fixtures use the vacant lot in your premises. Ground mounted installations offer the higher plant efficiency levels compared to rooftop.

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Use the parking lot or car shed at your commercial and industrial facility to harness solar energy and generate electricity at affordable rates. Know More

Financial Options

Under the CAPEX or capital expenditure model, you have the opportunity to invest capital in the development of the solar power plant and own it in entirety. These costs include the project’s construction, maintenance, and operations. Depending on your tariff, solar power systems under this model have a pay-back period of approx. 3-5 years. Our team will assure that your project is completed based on the terms of the agreement.

  • Gain 18% in net-tax savings over 3 years, with 60% depreciation in the 1st year and 40% depreciation on the written down value for every subsequent year
  • You can claim GST, saving approximately 14% on the project cost
  • The entire risk and reward from the plant is for the owner to bear
  • The owner should be technically competent to understand the nuances of a solar system and ensure a quality installer and quality components are used
  • The operations and maintenance of the plant should ideally be supervised by the owner

Under the OPEX or Open Expenditure Model, you get the benefit of solar energy without any investment from your end. The developer (Artha Energy Resources) will bear the cost of the plant development, and you only pay for the energy generated. This model is also known as the Renewable Energy Service Company (RESCO) model. Our team will not only ensure the completion of the project till installation, but also look after the operations and maintenance of the power plant for the entire project lifespan. This option works best for businesses with limited capital threshold or limited expertise on solar systems.

  • Costs are not subject to wheeling, transmission, and other surcharges that are generally imposed on off-site solar or open access
  • Connected at the LT (Low tension) panel with seamless integration with the grid, which helps in reduction of the power drawn from the grid
  • The system provides a natural hedge against inflation in power tariffs
  • An agreement called PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) is signed
  • The agreement contract is for a fixed tenure
  • The consumer can buy back the plant at any given time
  • No revisions to the contract are allowed once signed

Get your plant financed up to 70% with no additional collateral. Your EMIs are linked to the savings from your plant and your solar plant pays for the EMIs through the cost-savings generated.

  • You can claim 60% depreciation in the 1st year and 40% depreciation every year thereon
  • Claim GST Input on the entire plant in the 1st year itself, which represents a 14% savings on your solar investment
  • Does not involve additional collateral
  • The plant includes any O&M (Operations & Maintenance) Expense for tenure of the loan term
  • Generation guarantee provided for tenure of loan and can be extended if O&M services are continued with the same vendor
  • Easy access to your plant performance with analytics and a dedicated relationship manage
  • 30% down-payment
  • PDC or other project security to be issued for remaining tenure
  • Minimal processing fees, legal and stamp duty charges are applicable

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