Here’s how installing Rooftop Solar PV System can help you save on your Electric Bills!
July 10 2020

Here’s how installing Rooftop Solar PV System can help you save on your Electric Bills!

Maharashtra, Save Your Bills! Part 3

In my previous blog, I spoke about the importance of going solar to reduce your electricity bills. This blog will detail the savings that one can get by installing a roof-top solar plant.

To illustrate, we are assuming that you consume 30,000 units (Kwh) per month. There is a 1000sqm area (10,000 sq. ft.) available to install a 100KW roof-top system.

Just see how your electricity bill reduces depending on the type of consumer i.e., Industrial, Commercial or Residential.

Please note: While considering the tariff of DISCOMS, we have only counted for Energy charges, Wheeling Charges, and Tax on sale. We have not considered the impact of Electricity Duty, FAC, and other charges that will further increase the tariff rate of DISCOM. 

Depending on the customer category, in Maharashtra, an investment in a Solar system can pay-back within 2 to 4 years. In today’s world, where investment returns from Equity, Real Estate, and Gold don’t average more than 15%, isn’t this investment a better bet?

Our example takes into consideration certain assumptions that would vary from customer to customer. If you would like to get a quote for a Solar System installation or to find out more, kindly drop us a mail at [email protected]

Now that it is proven that Solar Systems are the best way to reduce your current electricity bills, I will touch upon different models under which a Solar PV Plant can be installed, in my next blog.

If you are still not confident about my thesis, do not understand the technology, or simply don’t want to invest, we do provide certain options that involve zero investment at your end.

Stay tuned to learn more!